The Philosopher King

Punim the cat was alone and inscrutable

Searching and yearning for a home that was suitable

He was tiny and brave; his requirements few:

Humans that tended him and Minions that mew.

Espying two cats in a window one day

Who were eating caviar and engaging in play

And teasing poor Punim by wiggling their rears

Punim thought: I could bring those kitties to tears!

Splaying himself on the porch of the house

With Pitiful cries and folded small as a mouse

Out came the owners: oohing and cooing

Punim thought: I won’t have to do any wooing.

And now Punim has grown to a most regal beast

With two mewing Minions that lead him to feast

With Humans that cater to his every whim

And all who enter must kowtow to him.