Winning in a Fractured Market. 850% Growth & the Network Effect of Change.

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Rachel Brender, CEO, | Credit: geektime

As a woman, immigrant, startup CEO, it’s a good time to be alive.

Last night, Pitaya took home a golden trophy from the prestigious #geekawards.

Pitaya won the “New Startup of the Year” trophy. It’s a true honor for me and my superstar team, not just to receive the award, but to stand on equal footing with industry giants who have carved out their own spaces in the startup economy.

Pitaya affects the economy of talent — a poignant topic for any manager or CEO. Through our platform, we’re introducing liquidity and simplicity into a market fragmented by information gaps. We have a multi-layer vision, and introduced our pilot to the market last year with buzz-worthy results and a massive amount of live testing & iterating.

Though we still cringe at the incomplete nature of our first pilot product — it provided immense value for customers and had an incredible network ripple effect in the market, as we tested what worked and what doesn’t.

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Pitaya’s CEO, CTO, and COO | Credit: Geektime

When I look back, I’m still unsure how to fully describe the crazy essence of the past year.

That’s why today is a good day to be alive — because this January 2018, things are changing and the world is ready for that change.

In fact, people are demanding change. When the tides of society are shifting, when people are activated, when minorities and immigrants find their voices, when women take to the podium, when the core of currency is being questioned, and when nature roars, its high time to explore what is new and different.

Startups, are all about the new and different. Our startup, Pitaya, is built for the changing economy, and the changing faces of people at work. We’re architects of the future- taking clues from emerging paradigms and patterns we see in the market.

We’re architects of the future- taking clues from emerging paradigms and patterns we see in the market.

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t involve much hoo-rah, or public recognition.

It’s the hustle, it’s the grit, and it’s the passion that keeps you moving from one moment to the next. Some days you crash and burn, some days you win. But no matter what, your eyes need to be focused, not on the outcome, but on what caused it — so you can learn and iterate and reproduce the wins or cut out the losses. In the early years, you don’t care much about the celebration because there’s just so much more to do.

Last night, for a few hours, things were different.

We took to the stage in front of respected startup founders, influential investors, and sharp journalists — and our community told us “well done.”

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Great companies & organizations aren’t created in vacuums. They’re created as part of the fabric of society, and that fabric inherently becomes the ultimate validation of the start-up. Our greatest prize this year has been the market validation of our idea.

We’re so proud to have earned this win, and we’re grateful to live in a place where we can pursue our our big idea to change the future of work. It’s time.

I’ll be back to back with meetings in NY and SF this February. Ping me at if you want to chat #engagedcompanies & #futureofwork.

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Co-founder of Pitaya | Bringing teams together | Navigating #startuplife

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