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Alleged Wedding Crasher Bites Officer, Police Dog

On Oct. 20, a 22-year-old man was detained after he crashed a stranger’s wedding, and ended up biting not only a police officer but also a police dog. Guests of the wedding attempted to evict the young man, whom they suspect was on drugs, on their own until two officers arrived. A confrontation broke out, the man bit the officer on the shoulder, and then the dog on the leg, even attempting to attack an officer after being handcuffed.

Florida Man Charged With DUI in His Motorized Wheelchair

Ronny Scott Hicks, 54, was charged with a DUI and held on $5000 bond for driving while drunk, not in a car but in his motorized wheelchair. Police say that he was blocking multiple lanes, smelled strongly of alcohol, and refused to take a sobriety test. Hicks also has a very long record of DUI’s, although it is unknown whether they occurred while driving a motorized vehicle, or motorized wheelchair.

UK woman says she eats 20 sponges a day

Emma Thompson of the UK claims that she consumes 20 sponges a day, an addiction that started off as simply chewing on them as a child. She first soaks them in dishwashing liquid, then proceeds to eat them. She says that she usually eats two a day, but can consume up to 20 if she is unusually stressed.

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