My Temple

With each limb my body reminds me that I am made of stars and long strong branches 

As my eyes open and close I am reminded that these eyes can see more than what they meet

This mouth that I so often take for granted, holds the only voice I'll ever have. A voice that has the power to heal and to hurt.

These legs and feet, they carry me when I think I cannot move. I can feel them yearning to leap when all I want is to crumble.

I am deeply rooted in this earth, in this universe. I am the sea. I am the mountains. I am the moon and I am the sun.

I watch the ocean and it's unruly ways,
Unpredictable yet so delicate that the slightest shift could create chaos.

This body that envelops a soul and tendons
has survived catastrophes and pain. This body has fought to exist because I have made it my worst enemy. This body that holds me without ever asking for anything in return is a masterpiece. A collection of moments and feelings pieced together by timeless lessons and adventures.

This vessel is magic. I am magic. Together, we are infinite.