Dear young Rachel

Dear younger me,

I’m not quite sure where or how to start. I guess we’ll start at the beginning when you first signed up for Facebook and lied about being 13, what a rebel. Rachel, continue to post whatever content you want and do it without care of others thoughts and opinions. Don’t get to obsessed, seriously it is not worth it all. After a year of Facebook you will feel as if it stupid with no purpose so you will delete it. THAT WAS THE SMARTEST MOVE OF YOUR LIFE… why are you so mature? However as new social media platforms emerged and Facebook became a house hold name, people looked at you like you had three eyes when you told them you deleted your Facebook account. Don’t listen to them, they are wasting away their lives and you aren’t. You spent your eighth to tenth grade spending time with friends, family and seeking new adventures. However in grade ten you succumbed to the overwhelming amount of peer pressure to have an online profile, because if you didn’t, were you even living? Rachel, please don’t let an ugly picture ruin your day. You’re so young and amazing and there are significantly bigger things in life to worry about than looking “fat” in a picture. FYI if you think you were chunky then…

Stay weird and stay true to yourself. Never let the opinions of others deter you from writing or posting what you want. You will always be subject to hate and other people’s negative opinions, but if you are worried about that you may as well not speak at all. WARNING: Do not spend hours aimlessly looking at other peoples pages comparing yourself to how much fun they are having. Want to know a secret? They’re not actually enjoying themselves that much, just like you they use Facebook as a medium to hide their insecurities and only show their best moments. It curated and to be quite honest, it is bullshit. Don’t compare yourselves to them because those pictures don’t accurately depict their day to day life. **Cue Love Yourself by the Biebs

Be authentic! You always wanted to have a large following and to make people laugh. The only way to do that is to be authentic and be yourself. Also, post more goofy photos so your 20 year old self can be reminded when Facebook notifies you and says “Looks back on your memories from today.” You will be able to face palm and laugh at how silly you were.

Don’t conform! When everyone goes left, go right. Never give in to peer pressure especially on social media. There will be many dumb trends on Facebook and don’t do any of them. However there will be many positive trends like the ALS ice bucket challenge which you should take part of and donate. DON’T do the cinnamon challenge, seriously, please I literally beg you. You will end up almost choking to death and have a very upset mother. Not worth it at all.

Rachel you have no idea of how integral social media will become in modern society and how there will be certain expectations of you. Don’t follow them. Lead your own life. Do what makes you happy and PUT THE DANG PHONE DOWN AT THE DINNER TABLE!


You ❤

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