Case Study: Michigan Multibenefits Project

The Challenge

The Project

Design a human-centered digital experience to help the government better serve the most vulnerable Americans.

The existing Food Stamps and Medicaid Application PDF Application is more than 40 pages of paperwork.

Trello User Flow/Prototype

Trello application flow


Notebook and whiteboard sketches

Application Flow

Mobile-first user flow through the application

Test & Iterate

User Testing in Flint, Michigan.

In-Browser Design

The first steps in the application, designed “in-browser” in HTML/CSS.

Adding a Human Touch

“Breather Pages” to add transition between sections, personality, and encouraging user progress through the application.

Making it Accessible

A design is only useful if it’s accessible to the user: any user, anywhere, anytime.


My experience working with Rachel was the same as others — it was an ideal consultant relationship. Rachel not only brought expertise and skill to the design of a complex product experience, but she brought a level of insight and professionalism that made the entire product development process more effective. Rachel was a crisp, clear and frequent communicator and stellar 1:1 collaborator. I can’t recommend her highly enough for fearless, fast and thorough design work.

- Alan Joseph Williams, Product Lead @ Code for America



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Rachel Cope

Rachel Cope

Product Designer @metamask_io, previously freelance and @thoughtbot // human-centered designer, reader, and mountain-lover, with a deep curiosity about people