Case Study: SPRING Analysis


SPRING Analysis Project

Design Sprint


How might we visually synchronize video, physiological data, and physical data from SPRING so that we can observe physiological, behavioral, and cognitive phenomenon in children with Autism.

Step-by-step user journey through the app.
Quick sketches allowed the group to generate lots of ideas quickly.
Story Boards maps out the UI/flow in more detail.
The Final Story Board narrows down all the ideas into one direction that will be prototyped.
Wireframes of the primary views.
The researcher plays the video from the SPRING session with the child. The data streams are time-synced with the video so physiological changes (based on data) can be observed in relationship to what is happening during the session. Sections of the video can be highlighted and exported for further statistical analysis.




Product Designer @metamask_io, previously freelance and @thoughtbot // human-centered designer, reader, and mountain-lover, with a deep curiosity about people

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