Mischievous & Vindictive Women Killers

Since Karla Holmoka is now in the news again, with her new name Leanne Teale, I find myself remembering the horror of being the same age as her victims at the time of the kidnappings & murders. I lived just a 20 minutes drive from their homes and later lived a minutes walk from the locations of the murders.

Here is the most recent news on her.

I suppose because of my association with this when I was a teen I found myself particularly affected when Tori went missing in Woodstock. It was at a time when I was considering moving to Woodstock & I saw her sweet little 8-year-old face on posters all over the city.

A little bit of digging revealed the situation behind the murderers in Tori’s case.

People would like to think that Terri-Lynne McClintic had nothing to do with it, was also a victim. But that’s not how she describes it here.

In time, I’ve noticed a pattern in the way that women manipulate their victims. It shows up in both these cases and in others.

I’ll write more about it later.