Command And Control Suites Integral To Modern Military Operations

The main concept of command and control has never actually changed from the times when the oldest militaries engaged one another. But the methods by which the tasks of C2 have been carried out have undergone a remarkable change over the course of history. The main reasons which brought about these changes are the co-evolution of various C2 approaches in context with technology, the type of military operations, the potential of the forces concerned, and the situations in which they operate.

Possessing the right tools is crucial while strategizing and executing military operations that include inputs and logistics of battlespace paratmeters — surveillance, intelligence and reconnaissance. For commanders to make effective decisions, it is critical that they keep getting flow information that brings insights into the operations.

Whether it is combat or peacekeeping, counter-insurgency or crisis management, multi-national operations are fast becoming the top options. Forces involved in such operations must be capable of an effective information exchange with partners, irrespective of the equipment available. Orders, reports and returns must flow swiftly within dense multinational command structures, while also complying with the rules of engagement that change with places and times through which they pass.

The modern command and control solution, specially designed for militaries across the world, are extremely reliable and cost effective software created to ensure that information is put precisely where the forces need it.

The solution:

- Enables agencies to respond to varying situations while accessing the data required for their missions.

- Perform real-time analysis of intelligence, assisting all personnel in taking suitable action on a given operating picture.

- Helps teams to leverage customizable plan templates by working together over secure platforms, which also support the collection and distribution of orders and intelligence, and also post-action review.

Operational impact of the C2 suite

Military operations heavily depend on the knowledge of where and how its own forces are operating. But exchange of relevant information in the battlefield has always been challenging. There have been strong evidences in military history that reporting of information — both too-little-too-late and too-often-too-much — can be equally disastrous. An integrated command and control suite helps the entire military organization — right from the headquarters to frontline troops — make decisions directly on digital maps in near real time.

Military operations are invariably designed to assess the moods of enemy forces. This data comes mainly from reports and sightings in the lower tactical echelons. In case of lack of availability of digital system at the lower tactical levels, such crucial enemy information has to be forwarded through voice, which is a cumbersome process and vulnerable to errors and misunderstandings.

Relevant military decision makers can be provided with information on the positions of enemy as well as own forces by integrating digital command and control systems across all levels of command.