What Change Do I Want to See in the World?

Well that’s a big piece to bite off.

In a world where hard skills are so highly coveted, people have become innately competitive when it comes to things they know how to do better than others. However, as we continue to shift to a world of online learning and other educational technologies, a shift from naturally hoarding knowledge to eagerly sharing is necessary.

If you’re eager to learn, why shouldn’t you have access to the resources necessary to do so?

 I want to see a world where education is more accessible. Yes, in the sense of all children having access to a high-quality primary and secondary education. Yes, in the sense of all young adults having access to higher education.

But more importantly, in the sense of the internet continuing to grow into an all-encompassing knowledge base for anything your heart desires to learn. Khan Academy’s mission is to help anyone to learn anything for free. I want to see a world where we follow the initiatives set by Khan Academy and expand free online knowledge into all disciplines.

Why do I think this matters?

 Well look at how the human population has evolved. With the exception of maybe Tomas Edison’s lightbulb, each instrumental invention that has changed today’s human experience — cars, the internet, smartphones, etc. — has been not simply the work of one, but the pooled brain power of many. Even inventions like the computer, that you may want to attribute to the works of Alan Turing, experienced iteration upon iteration until we landed at today’s modern version of a computer.

So if the world’s greatest inventions weren’t the result of one genius, why do we feel the need to keep our knowledge to ourselves? If we don’t actively seek to help others attain the knowledge they desire, are we really hurting ourselves?

I think so.

The knowledge of one will never be as powerful as the collective knowledge of many.

Originally published at racheldowns.co on February 22, 2016.

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