I’ve conquered the Dash Button. I may not have done it entirely on my own, but The Cookie Button is in business (sort of).

As of right now, if I push my Pop Tarts Dash Button, I instantly get a text message, and a Tweet is sent 20 minutes later.

Alright. This is proving to be much more difficult than I originally anticipated. Who knew a simple button that would notify you of fresh cookies would cause so many headaches? I will never complain about scheduling a week’s worth of social media posts ever again.

If you aren’t aware of my new side project, read up:

I’ve been dreaming of my successful cookie button every night. I’ve imagined seeing that beautiful text message, notifying me that my all-time favorite cookie is waiting for me at my all-time favorite coffee shop. On the other hand, I’ve also dreamed about throwing my…

I’m not a developer. However, I’ve got a thing for cookies — fresh cookies, to be exact. I also have a thing for learning, technology, and humor. These interests have led me to an interesting project: The Cookie Button.

There’s this coffee shop in my neighborhood called 1215 Wine Bar & Coffee Lab. Everything about this establishment is perfect, from the friendly baristas to the beautiful latte art. The best thing about 1215? The cookies.

They’re large enough to count as a full breakfast and have this touch of salt that can change your life. Now, 1215 doesn’t make…

Rachel Fenner

Cookie fanatic & part of team Ahalogy.

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