A Rebuttal to the Equality Labs Caste Report

Richa Gotham
3 min readAug 26, 2020


Below are links to all three parts of the Rebuttal to a 52-page Equality Labs ‘Caste’ report, a report that is targeting the egalitarian and democratic ethos of two civilizations at one go.

The ‘Caste’ report attacks the largest democracy in the world, India by ignoring its modern outlook, its affirmative action, and its existence as the only democracy in a region surrounded by theocracies and socialist, autocratic regimes.

Simultaneously, it attacks the glorious tradition of the United States of America, a country of dreams and egalitarian principles, of liberty and freedom and justice and of the entrepreneurial capitalistic spirit of the silicon valley.


The Equality Labs ‘Caste’ report introduces a regressive approach of Casteist politics in a place that thrives on principles of meritocracy, discipline, and hard work.

The question is, is Equality Labs targeting the US melting pot of cultures, to reduce it to ideals of foreign imports? Is it playing the same game of ‘Scientific Racism’ played by Herbert Hope Risley in the 1800s and 1900s, which notoriously inculcated prejudiced colonizing concepts into innocent indigenous populations?

Is the so-called “progressive” socialistic politics of failed regimes, being transplanted into the United States?

Where will this end? Is ‘Caste’ going to become part of our jurisprudence just because Oprah Winfrey promotes it for unknown reasons?

Are we going to see the sinister plot of ‘Caste’ continue to dominate US politics and social ethos, a country where hard work, liberty and justice, and the glorious American Dream remain the driving force of all Americans whether immigrant or citizen?

Are our children supposed to be brought up under the psychosis of such attacks, where schools discuss ‘Caste’ as if it is a mainstream issue in our post-modern world? Where children are force-fed discourses and narrative on ‘Caste’ politics, a foreign construct?

This is not a question of one case against Cisco, this is a question of a civilizational construct, of an attack on the social and human capital of silicon valley and, this is a question of our generations to come. While late-night shows and the auctioned media houses, all driven by private equity are laughing all the way to the bank, the question every citizen of the United States of America needs to ask is, “Is America being changed fundamentally to a state that is further away from our founding principles?” Are we losing grip to some foreign ideas of socialist forces capturing the Capitalist economics of our country, in the garb of “progressive” politics?

‘Caste’ has no room in the US and anyone who introduces an atavistic idea like ‘Caste’, an idea alien to both India and the US, an idea that was part of the “Scientific Racism’ of Colonial regimes, and which brings alive memories of rampant discrimination; anyone who does that is obviously no friend of the American citizenry or the American polity. Such entities need to be viewed with suspicion.