On Wine. A tragedy.
Ryan Opaz

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I know nothing about wine except what I like & don’t. Recently, when I bought a red that was way too intense for me, I cut each glass by adding 1/3 club soda (not quite 7-up), and I totally enjoyed it…except for this judgy, mean girl voice inside telling me I was ignorant white trash and I should just go back to white zin from the box (my starter wine in my 20’s). NOT that I’m judging anyone who drinks boxed white zin! Those were some good times…but now I prefer my sugar overdoses in chocolatey treats or root beer floats, rather than in pretty pink wine. The next time I start to feel inferior for my wine choices, I’ll remember your words and savor my diluted red or dump out the revolting but expensive Chardonnay that someone more knowledgeable than I am, said was a “good wine”.


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