5 Examples of Websites with Good Use of Typography

  1. Simply Gum:
This website uses only one typeface, Gotham, but it still shows a clear hierarchy by using the various weights and setting headers in uppercase. Also the simple sans serif typeface matches very well with the product and its name itself.

2. Pelican books :

This website uses Brandon Text for the main typeface and it looks great even at large sizes with good legibility. In the “Read Online” section, It chose Freight Text which is also a very legible sans-serif and It’s a nice choice among the long passages of text. Combined with the subtle paper texture background, the typography really makes me feel as if I’m reading a book.

3. Publicis90 :

This website has various colorful shapes as well as lovely transitions. It also has an amazing color scheme, spacing, animation other than the great use of typography. Super Grotesk plays a great role as the main typeface with the modern style and looks really good in a larger font size too.

4. Bolden

This website’s giant text looks very cool and unique. The text combined with the vivid, contrast colors and that bubble animation when I hover are a lot of fun and eye-catching. This makes an amazing first impression and also goes well with their name, ‘Bolden’.

5. Next Rembrandt

The website uses only small amount of typography, which I think is so smart, so that it can let the background painting be the main focal point while the text plays a supporting role. It really works well together without distracting my eyes.