The sharing of this man’s culture warmed me, and it wasn’t just from the spice of the chicken, I really felt an overwhelmingly good feeling from the interaction.
Happy People are Beautiful People
Liz Lueptow

Yes! This article was perfect. Thank you so much for sharing! I was reading about racism in America, the Black Lives Matter movement (both articles supporting it and criticizing it) and felt so down and overwhelmed by our problems. It seemed that no matter what I searched for in the search box, something negative would pop up! I finally plugged in “influential speakers” and your article came up. What a beautiful story about this friendly cultural exchange.

I think that it is these small, personal, positive experiences that really shape our view of other cultures. Kindness is powerful. Because this man took twenty minutes of his day to share his home-cooked, traditional meal with you, it will forever leave a positive impression of Pakistanis in your heart and mind. Likewise, he will remember your company. Who knows? This experience might even inspire you to seek out a restaurant with Pakistani food and to learn more about and appreciate Pakistani culture!

I have found that if I feel nervous or uncomfortable around someone or a certain group of people purely because I am unfamiliar with their culture, if I come to them with an open attitude, ready to listen, ask questions, and share, it builds bridges and friendships. I know that sometimes pure kindness is not enough to change policies and the minds of some people, but in many instances, it is better to approach someone with kindness rather than attack them, physically or verbally. Approaching people in a friendly way automatically puts their guard down and instead of becoming defensive can give them the desire to listen with their heart. Thank you for the positive read!

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