Health Coaches, You’re Forgetting This About Your Client’s Pain Point

Rachel Jeffries
2 min readAug 31, 2022

Everybody has their breaking point.

I’m not talking about the moment you knew that a traditional 9–5 was no longer for you (although, if you’re here I’m gonna go ahead and assume you’ve hit that point too).

I’m talking about the moment someone decides they need help with their health. And not the help that they thought they needed (looking at you crash diets).

Nope. The moment they realize that they are D-O-N-E living with their “pain points” and so, completely over wellness trends that just aren’t working for them.

This is a magic moment for you. This is when your client realizes she needs you, falls in love with you, and hires you on the spot.

So…how do we get from Point A — your client living with her “pain points”….to Point B — your client realizing you can help her.

The answer?

Your marketing.

I know you’re thinking…”but…I’m already talking about how she can holistically heal herself every. single. day on my IG. She doesn’t care enough to buy.”

You’re right. She doesn’t.

Learning that bloating is the first sign of disease, all the hidden ingredients in foods that cause inflammation, or how to pronounce words in Sanskrit might be interesting to her, but it doesn’t make her care enough to buy.* (yes, there’s a caveat. scroll to see it).

Of course, you can still share these things! But you can’t forget this other crucial part of your strategy…

Okaaay, so what does she care about?

  • She cares about how she’s going to feel at her friend’s lakehouse this weekend if she eats something out of the norm,
  • …those new crop tops she bought 2 YEARS ago that she never wants to wear,
  • …and that she’s completely uncomfortable after every, single meal.

These are the things in her life that are so uncomfortable that she’s willing, ready, and excited to change.

And when she’s looking for help, she’s looking for someone who…

  • Shows that they understand where she’s coming from
  • Are familiar with her problem (and have helped others with it, too)
  • Is trustworthy and feels aligned

If you can let her know that you *get* her, you want to help her, and how…she’s in.

*caveat is if your ideal audience is full of people who want to learn holistic health/Ayurveda, rather than work on their own health with you!



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