14 Worthless Things You Should Get Rid Of.

We’ll call it Fall Cleaning, cause why wait?

We are having a huge celebration this weekend — the Final Fling Before the Ring — for my daughter and her amazing fiance’ who are jetting off for a small, destination wedding in a few weeks. The blessing and curse of hosting a few dozen people is that it pushes you to clean out the house. Not just clean, but clean out.

Here are some things I found that I realized I should get rid of.

  • A bag of keys that we no longer know what they go to.
  • The kitchen pendant lights we took down when we redid the kitchen 2 years ago, thinking maybe we’d get a pool table someday and use them for that.
  • The bark-box we got 4 years ago so our terrier wouldn’t bark at the joggers, but stopped using because we realized his response was to run inside and pee in the house.
  • Nerf guns with no bullets. (quickly, in a black trash bag so 11-year-old doesn’t see)
  • Frozen banana chunks intended for smoothies (note — cubed and frozen about 3 years ago…and we don’t do smoothies)
  • Left-over screws from things I’ve bought and assembled over the years. (Wait, should it bother me that there were left over screws?)
  • The 4 partial bags of potting soil that are so old the dirt has basically turned to a fine dust, but I hate to toss them because I never really need the whole bag when I buy it, so why not keep it for next time.
  • Tub of wallpaper paste that we didn’t use when we put wallpaper up in the powder room at our old house. At the time we made a pact that never again would we attempt putting up wallpaper. Ever. (the tub is in a box along with some partial tubes of some sort of caulk, so I think the whole box can go).

Of course that got me thinking about other things I shouldn’t hold on to.

  • Grudges that just feel negative and will not resolve just because I foster them.
  • Frustrations about what I can’t do on my yoga mat. Especially when I’m only frustrated because someone else can. So let’s just get rid of comparing myself to other people.
  • The gavel in my head that induces judgment of others.
  • Hurtful relationships. Especially relationships with people or things that only bring negative energy to my life.
  • Regret over bad decisions. That’s like the ultimate spilled milk. Do you stare at the milk running across the counter, over the edge and into the drawer, or do you get a towel and clean it up?
  • The feeling that something is not right. If I’m having that spidey-sense I need to investigate it. Maybe it’s nothing and I can clear it out. Or maybe it’s something I can resolve.
  • Time, ‘cuase you really can’t hold on to time. Today is the best day ever. Carpe Diem.

Is there any Fall cleaning you can tackle? Just cleaning out a single “drawer” will make room for something positive and magical.

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