Dear Wednesday

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Dear Wednesday,

I’m so sorry. I have nothing interesting to say.

I have no rant.

No upset.

No gossip to share.

Looking back, Monday dispelled tradition. It was an inspired day, filled with new ideas and comfortable settings.

Tuesday always has a leg-up anyway, and this one certainly did shine — not too crowded, but full just the same. A balance of concentration and day-dreams.

I can’t know what you will bring, Wednesday. But somehow, I’m not worried. You’ll shine.

I hope you don’t find me boring. I’m sorry if you were looking for more gloom and despair. I’m just not feeling it today. Quite the contrary. I’m feeling inspired and hopeful and…well…happy.

I’m not going to drift prematurely to Thursday. No. I’m going to sit with you, Wednesday, and hold your hand and enjoy every minute. Every day is a gift, and you are no exception!

If that’s boring then oh well. I’ll do boring and we can do it together.

With love,


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