I was addicted to Grey’s Anatomy

Who are you letting into your bedroom?

It’s 10pm. I’m in bed, hubby flipping channels, deciding what to watch next/last. Not me. Past my witching hour anyway. Time to sleep. Toss. Turn. Flip. Punch pillow. Sit up. Lie down. Anxiety. Worry.

“What’s wrong honey?” asks my sweet hubby

“Nothing. I don’t know. Nothing. Something, but I don’t know.”

I knew.

It was Derrick, aka Dr. McDreamy. He was sleeping at his trailer, not at Meredith’s house. They were having a huge falling out and I didn’t know if it was going to be ok.

Don’t get me started on Izzy and Denny. It’s just too much.

Meredith can take on many faces:

A show you obsess about
A job you hate
A person who constantly “knocks you down”
Fast food, eaten too often
Best intentions unsatisfied
Short temper, short on time

You are responsible for what you let in.

When you have too much Meredith Grey in your life, it starts to infest your spirit. When you let that show, that person, that thing. that habit, sleep in your bed with you, you are relinquishing control.

The key is to recognize the Meredith in your life and extract it.

It may take a little soul-searching. It may take a good hard look in the mirror. It may take an intervention from someone who loves you.

What if you could remove 90% of the stress in your life?

One thing is for sure. It’s not going to vanish on it’s own.

Another thing is for sure. If you don’t know what it is, you can’t dump it.

So the first step is to identify your stressors. One or more may be something as ditch-able as an evening TV show or eating sugar for breakfast. Others may be more complicated, difficult to remove. A person in your life. A part of your career.

Make a list. No, really, make a list. Be silly about it. What goes on in your day/week/year that ties a knot in your stomach? Nothing is too small to include!

The second step is to ditch just one thing. One thing at a time. Just one. One can be the change you need. One can start the trend. One can be very powerful.

One thing leads to another. Before you know it, stress is reduced. Less stress creates space. Room for more. Room for more happiness. Room for new things. Room to breathe.

So I kicked Meredith out of my bedroom. I still lover her. But I had to let her go.

Who’s going to bed with you, spoiling your good night’s sleep, leaving you groggy in the morning? Kick ’em out. Make room for something better.

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