10 Quotes From Richard Branson That Shook My Mind
Jon Westenberg


Yes, putting us on a first name basis now. I am enjoying a one-sided relationship with you, but I find I need to really communicate here, not just enjoy my seat from the stands. To call ‘Friends’ an “obscure 90's sit-come”…well, I am a bit taken aback. Am I so old that ‘Friends’ is completely post-pop-culture? Do “kids these days” actually NOT know about The Soup Nazi??

All kidding aside, you are brilliant and I will continue to soak up all of the guidance and inspiration I can from you. I am but a blip on your “followers” radar, but I am also one from your “Friends” and “Seinfeld” and “Mad About You” generation. Power to the 90's. Power to the 80’s for that matter (street cred to ‘WPRK in Cincinatti’).

Richard Branson is brilliant and I thank you for sharing these particularly wise quotes.

Ever a fan —

Rachel T. Kenyon. Balance and the Books.

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