By Rachel Laser and David P. Gushee

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One of us is getting excited to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the other just finished making her first batch of homemade latkes, but we both believe the claim that there is a “War on Christmas” is false. …

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* photograph of author putting on Chicago Theological Seminary “White Privilege Glasses”

Am I, a white woman, qualified to talk about race in America?

When I was invited to speak to a Jewish congregation in Westchester, NY for their Martin Luther King Jr. shabbat about why black and brown Americans have been marching in the streets these past few years, I initially struggled with whether I was the right person to give this talk.

In the end, I accepted because I have come to believe that it is my responsibility to talk about race at least partially through talking about whiteness, and the work that we white people must do to dismantle racism. …

The following post was originally given on Yom Kippur as the Stern Social Action Lecture at Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple in Beachwood, OH.

It’s so nice to be in Cleveland with all of you this Yom Kippur. I am very proud of my own Cleveland roots. My grandma grew up in Shaker Heights and her brother, my great uncle, and my great aunt, who are now in their 90s, are still here and longtime members of Temple Anshe Chesed Fairmount.

I was excited to read that the musical Hamilton is coming to Cleveland.

One of the many great lines from that musical comes from the song One Last Time. In this song, President George Washington, explaining his decision to step down from the presidency, invokes the Bible. In a soft, almost yearning voice, he…


Rachel Laser

President & CEO of @AmericansUnited. Previously worked at, @theRAC, @ThirdWayTweet and @NWLC.

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