Developing an Impact Story for a Social Lab
Sam Rye

Great piece Sam Rye. It’s raised a heap of questions for me, so if you have time to answer any, that’d be really helpful. 
1. How do you and/or LifeHack decide how much time or budget to invest into measurement? What about telling and sharing the impact stories and data that emerge? How do you stay objective through the measurement process (i.e. not trying to prove something works)? Do you share failures/learnings as often as wins? 
2. Can you share any of the actual measures you used to track your impact through the 5 capitals?
3. How do you use these videos to present back to funders? Do they ask for additional data as well?
4. Is there any in-between or merging of video (experiential, close-up story-telling) and the hard numbers to tell the wider story of impact? You mentioned animation — is this something LifeHack has explored, and if so, how did you find it?

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