Welcome to the Jungle — A Nest for Woman Owned Businesses

My new backyard and brainstorming perch.

Colorful flip flops are neatly stacked on the shoe racks at the top of the jagged, winding stairs leading to the entrance of a massive bamboo treehouse. Bands of wild monkeys play on the roof and swing from the electric wires draped outside. A stray cat tiptoes along the windowsill in pursuit of a vibrant blue butterfly. It’s business as usual at Hubud, a coworking space perched in the tree tops of Ubud, Bali.

Inside, eight 20 and 30-somethings huddle around a wooden desk in a conference room overlooking the jungle. Woman entrepreneurs outnumber the men 3 to 1. We hale from different corners of the world — Italy, Greece, England, the Netherlands and the U.S., yet share a common dream of working from any place we choose. The topic of the day — how are you kicking ass in your business?

A female programmer shares how she ditched her cold corporate life in search of better weather. Now she goes where ever the wind takes her — literally — kite surfing is her biggest priority. She muses partway through her story…“I used to think my work and play were separate, competing activities. Now I know how to blend them into a seemless life I love.”

One by one, we share what brought us to this magical place, what we’re working on and what we need support with. I share my plan to rebrand and expand the scope of my existing online business, launch an MLP (Minimum Lovable Product) that will empower countless woman to follow their dreams, then slip into my elevator pitch for my newly hatched creative tech consultancy. I rightfully earn my new nickname — The Idea Queen.

Our trek home starts with a balancing act to avoid falling in a mud puddle inundating the entire street, over a rushing waterfall, then past emerald rice paddies where men in pointed hats till soil with equipment from a previous century. Back at our hotel, we take a refreshing dip in our infinity pool, reflect on the day and ponder our future.

Kiki, my cofounder and fellow globe trotter, rocks my world with her vision: she kills it on her own business, makes millions and pays it forward by funding innovative initiatives she admires. She gets paid to participate in exclusive events where the world’s thought leaders come to play.

I’m not so sure where my path will lead…but I know the twists and turns will be better now that I found my tribe.

Stay tuned for more updates of my journey with Tribe Wanted Bali. You can learn more about my career path at www.RachelRemix.com.