While it has been a while, two years or more to be exact, since I last posted here. I have continued to support families virtually through the journey of circumventing the public education system.

Let me begin by saying this…

Thank each of you educators for all that you do while working to serve your students and your own families; whether you are single & have extended family, have family, are newly married, or any other scenario you may be experiencing. The scenarios to our own reality are endless.

It is evident that each of you is putting your heart into this new ‘norm’ and want the best for each of your students. You are probably worried about if your students are getting enough to eat at home, are they safe, how can I be there for them more, etc. Your work is harder now than it has even been. As an educator too, I understand what it’s like to be in your shoes. The last two weeks (or longer depending where you are at) have been challenging to say the least. …

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As an educator myself, I have served students in my classroom that were diagnosed as Dyslexic. …

Overwhelmed? Overcome!

The following is a TEDxYouth talk by Piper Otterbein about her struggles in school with reading and other academics. It began in first grade with her not being able to even recognize her own name. In middle school, her difficulties were finally identified as Dyslexia.


Curriculum & Instruction — Instructional Specialist, Education Management, Global e-Learning Professional, Adjunct Professor, & Dyslexia Advocate

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