2017 Web Design Trends

Design is shifting. Minimalistic designs has been trending in recent years. However, in 2017, we’re starting to see a shift towards bright colors, gradients, big/bold fonts, and open composition/asymmetry. These are trends to keep in mind as my fellow designers-in-the-making and myself begin to explore how we want to brand ourselves. Another factor to consider as we build our portfolio websites is whether to design mobile first or on desktop/laptop first. This article highlights that businesses are going a mobile first approach as users increase their mobile usage by reaching out to their mobile device at least 200 times a day. The most important trend that this article highlights and tugs at my heart strings is that “Design now revolves around the user.” Yes! It’s not about launching or designing a product/service just to do so or because it’s cool. It’s more about helping people. How can my design help people? How can my design make an impact? I’m happy to start a career where people are the center of the process. I’m excited to see that more businesses are starting to value the user experience and the team who helps create those touch points.

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