Stay-at-home mom starts business making DNA keepsakes & breast milk jewelry

Rachel wearing the “Golden Sun” breast milk necklace from Precious Mammaries,

Rachel is a stay-at-home mom from Baltimore making jewelry out of breast milk. Yes, human milk!

She runs Precious Mammaries, the name of her handmade business, all within the comfort of her own home.

Rachel’s breast milk jewelry and DNA keepsakes idea had its origins in a passion to create and connect with other moms.

“I want to make another mama smile and to make them feel special because they’ve endured so much sacrifice throughout their breastfeeding journey. It’s not easy for many mothers to breastfeed and some cannot do it at all because of special circumstances. Some women have to do something called “exclusive pumping” due to complications. I’ve been there. I know what that’s like. I felt like a failure. Other moms helped lift my spirits. I’m forever grateful for the support I got when I was struggling with breastfeeding. This is the feeling I want them to feel when they wear my jewelry.”

Mothers send their breast milk through the mail securely packaged with a double plastic bag. Rachel says that breast milk is amazing in a way that it doesn’t spoil or discolor right away. She can use the milk to preserve into beautiful milky white stones for jewelry purposes.

Breast milk stud earrings from Precious Mammaries,
Rose gold breast milk jewelry necklace from Precious Mammaries,

What’s even more mind boggling is that every stone has its own unique imprint it takes on from the breast milk the mother sends in through its DNA. Meaning, no two stones are identical, making this keepsake probably the most unique and personalized gift a mother could ever receive. No other jeweler can boast the results Rachel gets.

The surprises don’t stop there. Her store, Precious Mammaries, also offers jewelry made from mothers’ placenta or baby’s lock of hair. For the tragic passing of a dear one, ashes can also be preserved in jewelry.

Besides jewelry, she creates handmade soaps made from breast milk. For centuries, breast milk has been known for its health benefits, including as a natural remedy for eczema and other skin conditions. Cleopatra herself was rumored to bathe in breast milk. What a great way to pamper mama after a long day!

Breast milk soap from Precious Mammries,

What is Rachel’s inspiration for Precious Mammaries?

“I owe this dream come true to our little one. She is the inspiration for this business. I wouldn’t be featuring breast milk in jewelry if not for her cooperation in this two-person dance called breastfeeding.”

You can visit Precious Mammaries’ website at Its Instagram has lots of real life samples of jewelry made for other moms.

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