Introducing FranzView

FranzView Dashboard

Features of FranzView

  • Adding and configuring a new topic
  • Deleting a topic
  • Partition reassignment
Partition Reassignment
  • Under Min ISR — an increase in this metric is a red flag that lets you know that your partition followers are not replicating their partition leader
  • Under replicated partitions — a developer can set the number of partition replicas per topic, ensuring data availability and durability; when this metric drops below the specified number it usually means that a broker may have gone offline or fallen behind
  • Offline partition count — a partition leader may go offline due to a server failure, making the data on that broker unavailable; an increase in this metric indicates the need to assign a new leader to prevent interruptions
  • CPU Usage
  • JVM Memory Usage
  • Bytes In Per Sec
  • Bytes Out Per Sec
  • Messages In Per Sec
  • Active Controller Count
  • and more…
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