CEOs are more visible than ever. Whether they are conducting a productive Zoom call from their home office or behaving badly in public, the digital world is documenting every move. With this constant exposure comes the expectation that executives will be more transparent and accessible to their audiences. Customers want to know a CEO’s plan for navigating shifting markets and meeting their remote working needs. Employees expect executives to share their values on everything from immigration and climate change to the Black Lives Matter movement. Investors are looking for signs of growth and stellar business performance.

As a CEO, you might be asking yourself, “How can I find time for leadership communication when my calendar looks like an abstract painting?”

Full calendar or Rothko?

While the media and…

Today we are launching a CEO Scorecard for executives to evaluate and strengthen their leadership, visibility, and engagement strategies. Our CEO Scorecard evaluates multiple data sets from a leader’s public-facing profile, including business performance, visibility in the media, thought leadership, and social media engagement.

To demonstrate the power of the CEO Scorecard, we evaluated ten CEOs leading high-growth companies from Fortune’s 2019 40 Under 40 award to uncover their activities before and after the pandemic began. Highlights from CEO activities in 2019 include:

  • 70% leveraged speaking engagements to set the tone in an industry or niche
  • 60% used Instagram and…

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Leaders all over the world are working remotely — making communication more important than ever. Right now is the time to be highly visible, connected, and frequently engaging with audiences, who spend 25 percent of their day on digital media. Plenty of studies have proven that leaders who are consistent in communicating the state of their business openly and transparently — with both internal and external audiences — are able to build trust, loyalty, and visibility for their brand. All achievements brands must strive for in an almost unprecedented worldwide crisis.

Now is the time for every executive to open…

Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality — oh my! If you’re rolling your eyes at all the “2020 Trends” that none of us have the time or resources to “test and learn” then look no further. We’ve carefully crafted fresh tips to revamp your approach in 2020, taking stock of what worked and what didn’t work last year. If your communication feels like it’s stuck in 2019, and you want some practical advice you can actually execute, then read on.

More Than a News Release

The news release is still a primary vehicle and validator needed to engage with the media when announcing the news…

Media is steadily shrinking, and reporters are under enormous pressure to generate more content, and more provocative news angles to attract more readers. With so much demand happening so quickly, it is not surprising if a reporter gets the story wrong, or doesn’t cover it at all. Even if your story does land, it’s difficult to know if the article is reaching relevant audiences and, more importantly, influencing them to take action.

A company’s story has to live beyond the ten publications most relevant to businesses. While media coverage will generate high peaks of brand awareness with the right business…

Companies that want to own their destiny are creating more sophisticated content engines to drive engagement directly with their audiences. It’s not just the best practices we’ve all heard about from global B2B corporations such as GE Reports, or consumer product companies like Coca Cola’s Journey. Startups like Acorns, the personal finance app, are creating an incredible following of young people interested in managing their money via Grow. Grow started as the company blog and has since evolved into a full-fledged media platform that is cross-pollinating content and audiences with CNBC. …

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