Me, Marijuana and Magic: A 25-Year Love Story

Most people go to Ireland to drink Guinness, listen to music and explore their ancestral roots. Me? I’m gonna kick my weed addiction with magic.

Rachel Lewett
Aug 3, 2018 · 6 min read
Photo by Rob Potter on Unsplash
Here’s me, kinda stoned and talking about how weed is my best attempt to harness and amplify diminished life energy. Maybe this’ll be the the last time I ever smoke weed?

When I think about quitting weed forever, I’m afraid I won’t be able to access immanence—that known feeling of the sacred, the divine, living HERE, NOW— without it. And, DAMN I need that presence. I’d die without it.

How Childhood Attachment Disruption Can Lead to Diminished Life Energy

So — Whaddya Mean “Magic”?

If my brain has the capacity (when tickled by endocannabinoids) to meet that Lamb’s Ear as a living, breathing manifestation of the wise, loving spirit of the universe , then why can’t I tune into that at will?

Creating a Context for Play, Curiosity and Aliveness

Here’s me, still stoned, and stating my intention for receiving instruction on how to pray and how to heal. Show me the magic, Ireland. I’m longing to be whole with you.

Rachel Lewett

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