5 reasons why you’re not getting re-hired

Not landing the job you’re ‘perfect’ for? Finding it tricky to secure the next contract? You might want to consider whether you’re re-hireable.

1. Your client doesn’t like you.

If the client loved your work, why didn’t they hire you again? At the end of the day, people like to work with people they like.

Sometimes its as simple as a cultural fit — if you’re easy to work with, bring results and make people happy — they’ll hire you again. If you brought the results — but banged heads in meetings or were plain painful to deal with, you’re getting put into the ‘too hard’ basket. Which begs the question…

2. You don’t like the client.

Sometimes — and we’ve all been there — you have to work with someone to know whether you’d do it again.

If you don’t love the work, client, work environment or project … no one wins. Your attitude, capabilities, work passion and drive will never see the light of day.

If you find yourself in this position, simply complete the job you were hired to do (also create a list of questions to ask the next client to foresee any potential issues for future reference) and get onto meeting great people that are going to inspire you and get the best of out you.

3. You’re ‘too hard’

If you’re not making life easier for your client — guess what — you’re making it too hard to get hired again.

  • Do you deliver answers to their questions before they ask? Do you return their calls in a timely manner?
  • When problems arise, do you make excuses or do you propose solutions?
  • Do you lighten their workload or make more work for your client?
  • Are you genuinely excited about the project / opportunity? Are you fun to be around?
  • Do you complete work at close of business, on the day of the deadline? Do you deliver on time?

As Sally Hogshead says — either you’re adding value or you’re taking up space. Too hard!

4. You’re replaceable

There is always someone more talented and more experienced. The difference between hiring someone who is competent and someone who is less qualified — is that they are passionate about the client, industry and can see add value to their business in the long term.

The value you clients pay you for is that no one else can do it like you do .If you believe someone more talented, more enthusiastic, more experienced, and more passionate can do a better job — do right by the client and let them.

5. You don’t care.

Do you genuinely believe the work you are doing will make a different in the life of the brand or business you’re consulting to?

If not, well, no one wins — and the client will be able to feel it with every interaction they have with you.

Believe me, from experience — the professionals who don’t care about how their work impacts their clients — do not get hired again.