What CrossFit Culture Can Teach Businesses

Collingwood Crossfit lifter and Head Coach Renee Purbrick by FLM Photography.

Support potential failure — not just calculated risk.

  • eliminating fear of failure syndrome
  • increased innovation
  • an ideas and improvement driven culture

Eliminate barriers to connection, inclusion and participation.

“Mental barriers are the number one reason people don’t renew their gym memberships; not a lack of wanting to develop lifelong health benefits. They are the same reason people drop off the wagon after joining a gym in their first six weeks. In a CrossFit setting — there’s nowhere to hide from yourself.”

Understand what motivates your team and customers.

You’re only as strong as your weakest link.

Success is personal.




CEO, Happiness Concierge. www.happinessconcierge.com

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Rachel Service

Rachel Service

CEO, Happiness Concierge. www.happinessconcierge.com

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