I sort of quit social media

If I quit social media and don’t tell anyone about it, did I really quit social media?

Does starting a blog that is public qualify as social media?

Am I an asshole if I openly state that I really just don’t care about your manicure or baby photos anymore? (I probably am an asshole.)

Why did this happen?

Unless it’s The Natural History Museum I don’t want to be a curator of an imaginary person and I don’t care to let others’ imaginary lives dictate any of my decisions.

I posted a photo to Facebook with the only intention being to get likes. This is something I don’t recall having ever done. Everything I’ve done on facebook has generally been something important or something I would like to remember. I suppose I wanted to feel how narcissism is meant to make you feel — important. I just felt phony.

Then I recalled the early days of LiveJournal. (My account has been deleted and purged.) Between 2002–2004 I typed up something like 300 pages of text which was, for the most part, single spaced. I know this because one slow day I decided to print it out and put it into a 3 ring binder. Perhaps I’ll have a child at some point and have the opportunity to say, “yes, I did stupid things, here is proof.”

A public journal comes with so many advantages over social media.

  1. It’s still social. It can be shared. It can be commented on. I can comment back.
  2. It feels more genuine. The ups and downs go into a journal.
  3. It’s expected to be long. I can say a lot with a tweet; I can say a lot more and make a point with an entry.
  4. It isn’t as spontaneous. There are always going to be the occasional heated entry, but generally a lot more thought goes into an entry than into a 200 character update.
  5. It tells an actual story rather than just the highlights.
  6. Photos come with stories rather than being lost in a grid.
  7. We are becoming terrible writers because we don’t write.

Now I am wondering how this will affect my life. I didn’t tell anyone. I’ll probably get a call in a few days wondering what happened. I already know I’ll need to log back in in a few hours (temporarily) to message someone that I’ve only spoken to via Facebook and inform her that she needs to call me.

One of the more entertaining things that has happened is since I no longer have friends on Facebook to display to Tinder, I see the fellows’ total friend counts. Fake profiles have become easy to spot and I seem to have a bias for men with less than 1200 friends.

Duolingo still works. That’s all that matters.

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