WEDM Chapter 5, Chapter Assignment

As someone who doesn’t use the Internet as much as others, I had some trouble trying to figure out a website that I regularly read the content. After thinking I feel like I read a lot of Odyssey articles because my peers share them on Facebook. For the audience that The Odyssey is trying to reach I believe that the voice is effective and the tone and is appropriate. A lot of people who read The Odyssey articles are young adults in College and they write towards what people of that age are interested in hearing. The website itself is pretty easy to navigate through. Different graphics and visuals are incorporated throughout. On the home page there are multiple pictures and each with a title of the article on the picture. The website also includes some videos on it’s home page. Each article is written by different authors so It may be hard to remain consistent with the tone and voice throughout, but I think that the website does a pretty good job of doing so.

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