Should Your Business Be on Social Media?

Inspired by Avinash Kaushik’s blog post “How To Suck At Social Media: An Indispensable Guide For Businesses”, I created an infographic highlighting the key factors to deciding whether or not a business should have a social media presence. The thesis of this infographic is even though all social network platforms have huge audience bases, they may not be a successful advertising channel. This is a concept that I had never considered. I always assumed that the following equation was true:

big social audience+big pimping=big profits

I believed that if enough people repeatedly saw advertisements for the same product, profits would raise. Kind of like how during election season, candidates litter public grounds with campaign signs in hope of sticking out in someone’s mind. However, this logic is far from accurate. If people are not interacting with your brand online, there is very little chance of effective advertising taking place. The following infographic breaks down four methods of evaluation to judge three common media networks, and if you still feel the need to advertise on one of them, a simple do and don’t is provided for each.