A 50% Sale: Finding the Connection

What is the actual value in conducting a sale for your brand?

A few mornings ago, a friend and I went on a morning adventure to purchase a 50%-off coffee at a beautifully designed (and expensive!) Los Angeles coffee shop. The problem? The sale ended at 11:00, and we arrived, frothy goodness on our minds, at 11:15. Although unknowingly late, we still had hope… until all hope was dashed by a curt, “The sale ended at eleven,” by the shop’s cashier.

A patron coming in at 11:15am for an 11:00am sale isn’t an annoyance… it is an amazing branding opportunity. Bending the rules offers the brand a unique circumstance to demonstrate to their customers that they are appreciated. Had the sale price been honored, we would have become co-conspirators with the shop’s cashier, sneakily exchanging knowing glances, creating a real connection. Our adventure would have ended with lattes in hand, smiles on our faces, and our minds in our phones as we happily texted our friends about our great success.

The actual value of a sale isn’t to sell discounted product; it’s to create a novel experience for a brand’s customers. Brands must create these quality experiences. After all, we’re in the business of creating value, and value is all about the experience.

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