Wonder Woman: Awesome Movie, Awful Gender Politics
Cathy Young

“ (Never mind that the current head of the British government is a woman.)”

Poor example.

1) Britain and America have strong ties, yes, but aren’t the same country, politically or culturally. Kuchera’s comments about Sen. Kamala Harris clearly put the comments on whether we’ve moved past the patriarchy in an American political context. Which, spoiler alert, hasn’t happened. That Britain has had female leaders isn’t relevant to America’s patriarchy.

2) Theresa May has NEVER been elected. She took over from the sitting Prime Minister without having a leadership election within the Conservative party. She got it by default because she was the only one standing when leadership was decided. And she just lost their majority in parliament and has been given permission to form a minority government, despite not winning enough seats to be deemed to have won the election.

She’s a terrible example of how anywhere has moved beyond patriarchy as a result.

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