Status meetings are the scourge
Jason Fried

I would argue that status meetings whether in person or base camp are an utter waste of time. No decisions are being made, lots of people are working on different projects, so the detail will mean nothing to them. When you communicate you have to ask… so what? What’s going to change as a result of hearing that info? As CEO how am going to be enlighten by Dave saying, I’m doing a bunch of emails. let alone clicking back to see that he was doing emails and design and eating cake for all time. Stand ups were designed in software companies to avoid merge conflicts. It seems to me the only reason they are used in other companies, is that otherwise the boss doesn’t trust that people are doing their job. What a brilliant way to build resentment. Why not try having useful face to face meetings instead where you ask staff to debate something that affects them, listen to them, then change something as a result of the meeting.