This morning I naturally wake at dawn to the dim light of the earth turning, the beginning of a new day. I quietly walk outside in the crisp morning air. I hear the familiar chirp of native birds and crows. Bees drink from flowers in a magnolia tree above me. I take in a deep breath and silently give thanks for the air flowing with ease in and out of my lungs and through my lips. I move slowly and observe the life around me enough to become aware of a sweet hummingbird chiming. I spot another bee in flowers in front of me, I watch all this in awe of the beauty around me. I live in one of the most populated places on Earth yet still, nature thrives. I notice brown patches of dirt and weeds on lawns where grass used to grow and take in the beauty of the plants process in reverting to its natural state of being, where southern California is more similar to a desert than anything else. This is easy to accept. I remember every now and again to turn and watch the miracle of the sun slowly rising above a bank of clouds. Finally it rises to the top of the clouds like a golden mountain. This moment, the sun breaks free. I gaze directly into the light, seeing small rainbows of color all around. I am fully aware of where I am physically on the Earth, my bare feet planted in the dirt. I lift up my arms and drop my head back, opening my heart to this sweet day. I remember kindness, patience and compassion. I return to my self. The self that is forgiving, warm and open. The self that is at the core of all I do, no baggage, no expectations, no concerns. Just love. This moment, I break free of darkness, clouds and fog and rise into my own light.