The limbs of an Axolotl

Jul 19 · 1 min read

I once broke my wrist

in two places: Radius and Ulna

ornate clean breaks

they didn’t require too much


the doctor played with it like

a slinky

my arm was paralysed

immediately after

numb to any sensation

it became a new limb

with the creation of new cells

I could move

re-growing a limb

is an amalgamation

of evolution and biological magic

creating new neurons

and connections

for regeneration

in a pink cocoon

it regrew its bone


wrist was revealed to be smaller

than its partner

rewiring systems

takes time

energy of a thousand horses

not stubbornness and boredom

you have to pry your eyes


with toothpicks

pulling skin back to force yourself

to just look

“Look at yourself.”

Rebuild that part

that shrivelled and died

because of someone else’s actions

take a knife and


off the excess

Let it go

Let yourself heal

Rachel Munford

Written by

Freelancer. Writer. Poet. Scottish.

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