My name is Rachel. I code for a living. Every Tuesday afternoon, after school, I teach tomorrow’s future engineers how to code.

This is why …

It’s an opportunity to take coding from beyond the classroom

These days, coding is now part of the school curriculum just as much as mathematics (in New South Wales, Australia at the very least). This was something that simply wasn’t available when I was going to school. Whatever you learn in school, you can always explore further at an after-school workshop, in a relaxed environment.

Start them young

There is a strong demand for competent programmers in the industry, but it’s a hard market to crack. That’s because software engineering is a very dynamic field that changes at the speed of light. Plant the seeds early and you equip future engineers with the tools and the smarts to keep up. …

I’m not part of the disability community. I do not have any disabilities. My experience in every day life is not the same. I only know what I know because of research, experience and doing user focus group testing. It’s comprehensive and it ensures that I ensure all bases are covered and we build the best app/website/software possible, but it isn’t the same.

But know this, and it’s important that you do: you don’t have to be part of the disability community to keep inclusivity and accessibility at the forefront of your mind when building websites and to point number 9 in the Australian Digital Service Standard, all government websites or anything that’s put on a public web space needs to comply with WCAG 2.0 …

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Photo by Sai Kiran Anagani

“So how does one learn to code?”
“I just want to build an app in a minimal space of time. What do I need to learn?”
“I want to build a website for my photography business. Can’t be that hard, right?”
“I signed up for a course that says I can learn to code in thirty days.”

I hear these kinds of questions and statements a lot. As I’m also a bit of a photography aficionado, I would also hear, “I want a good camera to take photos for my trip. What camera should I get?” (Answer: walk into your local electrical goods store and pick any DSLR you can afford. …

When I showed my friend Erin these pictures, the first thing she said was, “Wow! New York City really is made for film photography!”

I am inclined to agree with her 100%.

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This is a picture of me taken for a campaign that was promoting the work I was doing for the government.

Like many people in this field, getting into tech was a no-brainer. I knew before I was supposed to know. Also like many others, I started somewhat young.

Unlike many others, however, I didn’t come from a family of ‘computer people’ — or even technical people at all. My mum is an aged-care worker and my dad is a retired chef. My mum took a typing course at the local TAFE, but apart from that both my parents had very limited knowledge/experience in computers.

My interest in web development began when I was thirteen years old. My high school best friend, another friend of ours and I decided to skip school one morning and travel to Sydney to see the band Hanson, as they were making a television appearance at Channel V Studios. You guys remember Hanson, right? Three brothers from Oklahoma, long blonde hair? …


Rachel Nacilla

Systems and Data Analyst. All opinions stated here are my own and not of that of my employer.

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