Review of “Barbara Ann”

What could be better than a place that you have full control of? In my opinion, not much. I am the driver and controller of my car, and I must say that it is a great place. It is comfortable, and when all is normal, it feels like a very safe place to be in. Most people who own and drive cars know what it is like to have something so special to themselves. I may be biased, because I love the atmosphere of my car and the majority of what my car can do, but there are definitely some cons, as well as pros.

When approaching “Barbara Ann,” aka my car, you will notice that it is a black Hyundai Sonata with black interior. In technical terms, it is classified as a small car, but when inside of it, it feels spacious and large enough to have plenty of leg room. The car has proven to be extremely reliable, and all of the maintenance work is handled and taken care of whenever it is needed, so no one should go in it worrying about whether they are in a safe car or not. If you look up, you will notice that there is a nicely-sized sunroof that opens if you want air and/or sun to be let in the car. In the front-middle region, there are many buttons and gadgets that control different parts of the car. There is a screen, about the size of a mini IPad, that has a map, or navigational system, built into it. You are also able to control the music from that screen by seeing who the artist of a song is and by shuffling through different radio stations. Overall, the physical features my car are nice and I approve of them.

I love the music setup in Barbara Ann, as there are many options and different ways to listen to music. There is the usual AM/FM radio, Sirius XM, but my favorite of all is listening to the music on my phone that can be played either by connecting my phone to the car’s Bluetooth, or by plugging it in to an auxiliary cord. The music that plays in the car often varies, and in some situations, choosing what music to put on can be difficult. Sometimes calm and acoustic-like songs are played, at other times, loud pump-up music is played, it just depends on who wants to listen to what and what the overall vibe, or mood, of the car is.

Taken in my Grandma’s car.

Steering away (what a great pun) from the physical aspects and features of my car, I want to discuss what having a car feels like. As a person who views her car as her own safe place, I know what it is like to have a car and I know how having a car can make you feel. At the moment, I do not have a place, for example, a home or an office that is just my own, so I view my car as a place that is my own. Having a car is different than having a stationary place as your own, because a car gives you freedom to go anywhere that you want, within reason of course. Car’s let you escape from the place that you are in, not only mentally, but physically too. It is not good to rely on a place or a thing so heavily, like I catch myself doing with my car sometimes, but it is okay to have certain things or places that make you feel safe and at home and comfortable wherever you are, and for myself, that place is my car, and I am sure that many others can relate to that feeling with their own cars.

Mount Shasta, CA. Taken from my Grandma’s car.
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