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私は速くないです. Translation: I am not fast. 🐢

Maybe comparing myself to a turtle is hyperbole. Either way, this past week I felt incredibly slow, unfocused, and outpaced at work. This wrap-up is actually for the last few weeks, which have been all around frantic and busy for the team I work with. The reason I felt so slow is probably that, compared to the mountain in front of us, I can only move pebbles at a time. Although I ended the week feeling frustrated with myself, I did take time to review my personal statistics to put my progress in…

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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
Benjamin Franklin

I find it hard to believe that I’ve just finished my second week at Lovevery. On the one hand, it feels like I started yesterday, but on the other, it feels like I’ve been there for a month. Working remotely makes Time a funny thing.

This week had less scheduled training and focused more heavily on diving into the work. I started to get a better feel for the work, but it made things seem even more overwhelming. Someone described it…

Tackling Self-guided Learning

Hi! My name is Rachel Pemelton and you’ve found the landing page for my work this month. Keep reading to find out what I set out to do, why I did it, my outcomes, and more. I hope you enjoy it!

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My Approach

My main goal this month was to gain a basic understanding of the metrics startups use to measure their performance (Key Performace Indicators). To do this, I took a self-guided approach by researching the topic online, reaching out to professionals in the fields of operations and startup analytics, and learning some of the tools used. …

I’m spending this month taking a few different approaches to learn everything I can about KPIs and startup analytics. If you’re interested in seeing where my self-guided learning took me, check it out here!

After I planned and outlined my work for the month, I decided to use Trello as a way to manage my tasks and stay on track. Watch the video for a full breakdown of how I used Trello to meet my goals.

This marks the end of the fourth and final week of this project. I’ve been spending this month so far taking a few different approaches to learning everything I can about KPIs and startup analytics. You can view the previous weeks' update here, or check out my entire month’s work here!

What I Set Out to Accomplish

Based on my original outline and my revised plans after last week, my goals this week were to:

  • Create a video tutorial for Tableau
  • Learn more about using Excel for startup analytics
  • Create a video tutorial on Excel
  • Write three additional posts on the content I’ve been learning
  • Research…

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If you tried to measure how well a child grew up, how would you do it? Would you measure how tall he grew in feet? If you decided that six feet was how tall you had to be to have “grown-up well”, and the child only grew to be 5 feet, you would say they did not measure up. What if they were a star athlete or college graduate? Your measure wouldn’t capture their success or failure in those areas that matter.

Similarly, it can be a struggle for entrepreneurs to choose the metrics that will accurately measure the performance…

Learning all the important metrics and choosing the right KPIs for your business (departments, teams, and projects included) is no cakewalk. That’s not to mention that once you’ve covered those steps, you still need to implement a plan to effectively track your metrics and visualize your KPIs.

Excel is a ubiquitous tool for data tracking, calculations, and visualizations. If you’re looking for something even more accessible, Google Sheets is free to use and very similar, although there are some differences in appearance and function. Either way, using a simple spreadsheet is an easy and approachable way to tackle your metrics.

Let’s Start with an Example

Make a Year-to-Year Comparison for Your Business

Tableau is an awesome software tool that can bring all your data visualization dreams to life. While you might not make stunning a stunning ‘viz’ like those found in Tableau Public’s gallery on your first try, with a little know-how you can build an effective viz.

In this post, I’ll show you an overview and video of how to build a chart you can use to compare data segments to the prior year.

Getting Started

This marks the end of the third week of this month’s project. I’ve been spending this month so far taking a few different approaches to learning everything I can about KPIs and startup analytics. You can view my starting project outline here, or check out the prior week update here. Stay tuned for my final update!

What I Set Out to Accomplish

As I mentioned in my update last week, I had to make some adjustments to my plans this week. At the start of this week, my goals were to:

  • complete another write-up on what I’ve learned about KPIs so far
  • write a blog post…

To be honest, networking sounds like a total nightmare for me. I picture awkward social events where people are just hunting for titles and connections in a crowd of faceless bodies. Luckily, that’s not what successful networking looks like, and there are lots of ways you can use LinkedIn to grow personally, not just expand your network for the sake of it.

This month, I’ve set a goal for myself to expand my knowledge and skills in startup analytics. Although there is plenty for me to learn on my own, I also wanted to seek out people with relevant experience…

Rachel Pemelton

Currently participating in the Praxis program. Always seeking to learn and improve myself.

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