Art connects us to the physical world, and seeing works in person allows us to experience scale, zoom into texture, and feel artistic gravity draw us closer. However it’s not always possible, especially while much of the 2020 world is closed. The internet is a great alternative to access pieces, artists, and galleries. While online is different, it’s still enriching.

Art Basel’s next Online Viewing Room event, OVR:20c, is opening on October 28th, and right now Art Basel has 600+ galleries in its online show catalogues with past works. …

Global Historic Backdrop, Influential Artists, and Legacy on Modern Art

While artists have played many roles in society, they’ve always been messengers to the masses. Using art as a podium, artists communicate religious and national ideology, along with voicing their own personal convictions. For much of human history, placing imagery in bustling areas was one of the most effective ways to reach a large audience (especially during pre-digital eras when communities were commonly unschooled and illiterate). Murals have only gained popularity through time and are abundant today: some cities boast 1,000s, creating more momentum and opportunities for artists to express and deliver their message to the public.

During the period of Mexican Muralism in the early 1900s, artists dually served as activists. They advocated for the right to advance in society and celebrated pre-Columbian heritage: a message for the people from the people. Ideas melded around the world, and shaped the Western modern art movement. …

Brief History and Captivating Imagery

The land of North America thrived as a vessel of creativity for thousands of years before European boats landed on its shores. The earliest known pieces date to 11,000 BC, and the evolving cultures expanded many practices since then.

Throughout history, Native American art illustrates a richness in: materiality, texture, shape, pattern, and color palette. Beyond aesthetics, the art “connects to the raw materials of the earth, respects and honors ancestral tradition, and experiences the continuity of life and the spirit”. …

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