Faith vs. Certitude

So, today I realized that faith is not the same as certitude.

In faith, we might be looking in the good direction, but without glasses. Or without signs. But we are still looking. We walk our paths surrounded by signs that we hear, and we listen, and we look, and we see. We know we are gonna find shelter and maybe even a bike to ride faster, and we take opportunity by its horns — cause opportunity comes to you as a mad bull and when you have faith, you are prepared. You walk slowly and alert. And you sleep, sometimes, in deep sleep, so you can continue your path later.

In certitude we just look straight. We just walk, and sometimes run, and sometimes we see a bull and we ask why is it crossing our way, that stupid bull, get out. We do not rest cause we are certain that we have to keep walking.

So, faith. Faith is knowing the path is its end. Certitude is not knowing that we do not know the end.