Trump’s Greatest Shame

I’ve sifted through my sense of disappointment, frustration and fear in this post election week. I accept that the world will keep on marching forward and the sun will continue to rise and set, rise and set. And though I will find it nearly impossible to watch and listen to Donald Trump’s inauguration and future “State of the Union” speeches, I realize that for the moment at least, my daily life is unaltered. That’s because I am a White American. The same, however, cannot be said for the millions of non-white Americans.

Like me, Donald Trump is and will be unscathed by the monsters of angry, hateful individuals who see their worldview as legitimized. He and his family will retreat to the White House and Trumpiverse, while leaving millions of individuals with ethnic faces and names frighteningly vulnerable to his minions. As we watch him assume his new persona as President-Elect, absent the vitriol and with a kind of demure detachment, I can’t help but ask: Did Trump himself even believe half of what he spouted to his supporters? Were his nasty campaign speeches anything more than theatrics in his narcissitic quest for the Presidency? The only thing worse than being a ideological demagogue is to be a feckless, showman who made a mockery of the Presidential campaign and who has irresponsibly given a platform to people with legitimate pain who are looking for scapegoats.

For this Trump should be ashamed. For this he should apologize, atone and step in to defend the hardworking, honest Americans who no longer feel safe in their own country. After all, isn’t that the job of the President?

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