Texas, Can You Hear Me?


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💢 PLEASE take a few minutes do these two things today 💢

📞Call the Senate Chair of Health and Human Services, Charles Schwertner, and ask that he vote against this bill. He LEADS the committee and he chose to hear the bill yesterday, (which is bad) and he has a lot of influence. I talked to his staffer yesterday and he listened. They have to document all the calls they receive, so call away. (http://www.senate.state.tx.us/member.php?d=5&lang=en)

📞 The number to his office is (512) 463–0105

📞 If you’re a Texan, call the Senator for your district and tell them you’re opposed to the bill. Find your senator/rep here:


📝 Here’s a script to use as a starting place for the calls:

👉 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzSfaf3MdEsKcU50SERzODdsakk.

It helps to make any connections with their background that you can. The more they can see themselves in us, the more likely they’ll listen.

📞Here are the people on the committee who need to be urged to vote NO: http://www.senate.texas.gov/cmte.php?c=610

👉After you make those 2 calls, please take 1 min to click:



…which will lead you to these forms: (including them below in case you don’t have time to read the above)



FINALLY, please please please share/tag friends/re-post. They could vote as soon as today, so we must act now.

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