Helping Out a Friend and Her Family Affected by Hurricane Harvey

I know Kristy Gillentine strictly through Snapchat due to an indirect introduction made by my good friend Ryan Peña about two years ago.

On Friday, September 1, I was scrolling through my Snapchat stories and Kristy had been active within the past 24 hours, and I immediately connected her to Hurricane Harvey because she lives in the suburbs of Houston.

Her family lost their home, her brother lost his, and her Grandparent’s lost theirs as well.

If you can help, here’s a direct link to their GoFundMe page. They’re trying to raise $8,000 and so far, they’ve raised $2,380. Kristy also created a small Wish List on Amazon which you can find here, and any items you purchase for them will be picked up at Kristy’s parents’ home soon. The supplies will be also be used by her neighbors, too.

They will have a place to stay (soon), which will be an RV they’ll be living in for at least one year – which you can see on her social media channels – and her username of Snapchat and Instagram is “krisgillentine.”

I made a short five-minute video of my communication with Kristy thus far and a visual of where she is in relation to where her family’s homes within the video.

Kristy, if you see this, I know you’re going to be okay.


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