Where The Light Shines Through

How do you explain what you can’t put into words?

You put it into action. Not only by showing up, but by participating. And when you do that, you share the good news because you have a story to tell. The trick here though, is that the story isn’t about you because chances are, you’ve already won. If you’re reading this, you have Internet access, a computer (more than likely), a mobile device (probably, yes) and that’s more than what some people in this world have — so you have won. What does that mean? It’s up to you, really.

How have you won? You have access to luxury — the Internet — where your voice and branding can be seen by anyone you want. But the thing is, is that it’s not about you. What is it about then? It’s figuring out the value you have to offer the story, or perhaps, a bigger part of the picture.

I firmly believe all of the smallest moments in life add up to a bigger picture of what could be, but only if you’re willing to invest, show up and again, here’s the part where most people lack…participating.

A quote is just a quote. Spoken words are only words.


Switchfoot will be in town tonight and I’m beyond ecstatic about this. It’s partially a birthday present to myself because I turn the big 3–2 on Saturday, October 1.

A concert to me nowadays is part of an overall mission statement that offers a new story, and each time a recording artist puts on a show, it’s a story that no one can rewrite, or redo. Yet, when you recorded it, you can rewind it and play it over and over and over again.

But people show up to shows that they know are going to be amazing and so good that they want to experience it for themselves in real life and they look forward to the NEXT part of the story being written.

Be the story that engages others and encourages them to create a brighter future for themselves. No, I’m not saying a concert alone will do this, but it’s a small moment that can add up to the bigger picture.

Personally, in those small moments with these guys, when I keep not just participating, but showing up, is where I’ve found my purpose.

(Yes, I made this “flag” just for this concert tomorrow night.)

That’s the anthem that this band provides for me.

Jon, Tim, Chad, Jerome and Drew…I want to say thank you, again, yet that phrase falls so extremely short. I love you guys and I wish you the safest travels on the #LookingForAmerica tour.

Stand, but don’t stay in the middle,