Your Generic Answer(s) Will Cease — You Have to Want It Bad Enough

The notion of family and the notion of belonging is quite incredible. It’s an idea that when you see a group of people, you feel at home no matter if you’re truly anywhere near your actual home.

In 2004, I came across five guys who started a band in 1996. They’re still making music 20 years later. For years, I’ve followed this band, listened to their music and purchased tickets to their concerts, but I became really tired of providing my answer for why I liked them so much. “Their music just moves me,” wasn’t good enough anymore. That answer was too generic…for me.

“You’re not a leader unless there are those who volunteer to follow you. You cannot force someone to follow you, they choose to follow you.” — Simon Sinek

I set out on a journey that I had no idea would turn my world inside out in July 2014 and would allow me to make sense of everything and my “WHY” with both life and this band.

When they go on stage, the crowd goes wild. You see, the stage is a funny place. When you’re on one, everyone watches you and generally one person has a microphone, so that person had better have something good to say, otherwise the tomatoes will find their way metaphorically to them. I’d like to note here that the same goes for all medium channels except the tomatoes are simply the “unfollow” button.

I figured out why I follow the band and listen to them. It’s who they are as humans when they’re not on stage and it’s what they do for others and how they make this world a better place. Really. It’s that simple, and it took me two years to figure this out when I started digging for the answer.

The stage and social media are interesting platforms. I mean, do you know why you’ve “friended” each person you’ve connected to? Who are they? What do they represent IRL?

My answers for Switchfoot are no longer generic. They’re real. They’re human. They have feelings. They are people who I am proud to be affiliated with when they’re not on stage.

They know who I am and I can only hope that the day Switchfoot ceases to be, that I can also continue to live my life in a way that makes them proud to be affiliated with me. I am okay with the idea that Switchfoot will one day “retire,” because they’ve helped me identify as a person who I want to be and that is a gift I am forever grateful for. Know that I had to figure it out purely on my own, but the big life questions they ask in their songs pushed me to ask myself, “This is your life, are you who you want to be?” I’m getting there, with every day that passes and I’m stepping out of my comfort zone.

This is also why I call myself a Switchfoot Ambassador.

Switchfoot Summer Getaway - July 2016 (Oceanside, CA)

Jon, Tim, Chad, Jerome and Drew, thank you. Thank you so much for doing what you do best because it’s helped me become the best person I can be, yet none of us are done yet.

As the guys would say, “Yew!”

That was heavy.

Stand, but don’t stay in the middle,