What the Hell is going on?

Being a white woman with US citizenship, I have no shortage of privileges afforded to me. Even in Trump’s America, where being a woman is a pre-existing condition and what few rights my queer community has are being threatened again, I still have it pretty fucking easy.

Being a woman without health insurance who frequently travels the globe has me nervous as hell. How has the country I was born in gone so far off the deep end? We sure as hell have never been anywhere near great, but we are spiraling on all fronts: Climate change, women’s rights, civil rights, refugees and immigrants, protecting public lands, healthcare, LGBTQ rights, basic human rights and common sense — you name it and Trump is fucking it up.

The Republicans are going to great lengths to protect fetuses, but throwing children and all vulnerable people to the wolves rather than protecting them under the former president’s healthcare plan. Republicans would rather burn this country down than have to go along with anything that President Obama implemented. God forbid these racist, fascist, extreme alt right people have to sit in the shadow of a black president.

Sadly, Trump being elected is part of a much bigger problem. Much of Europe has been alt right for years. The shift started very slowly but fear and lack of education has fueled the fire of hate. It’s dangerous and crippling.

We can’t let fear and hate rule us. If we do, they win. But how do you fight against a system of rampant oppression and segregation? How do you fight against the latest in a string of insane acts from our current megalomaniac of a president when you can barely keep food on the table or are scared to death of going to the doctor because you have no health insurance?

What the hell are we going to do to keep from going completely insane?